About Us

Our method differs from traditional audience measurement services in that we collect data on the consumption of digital content through the P2P Network.

The way people consume content has changed and there is no denying it. We’ve established our company to drive our research of online content usage to help you. Our team of experts has spent years in the world of online piracy, giving them unique experience in tracking and analysing content consumption.

Who We Serve

Content Creators and Distributors

Nahuru’s wide range of services allow studios and distributors the ability to gain insights and value through the entire lifecycle of a film. Whether it is highlighting demand or producing crucial information for the marketing teams, our list of services will provide you information to effectively and efficiently make the most of your titles.


Understanding consumer demand is crucial and ensuring that you get the content to draw your consumers to your channel is key. Many consumers turn to the P2P network because they are not able to access the content in that region. With our services we will able to show you the demand for titles to ensure that your content catalogue meets with the demand your consumers are seeking.

Media Agencies

One key benefit of the P2P Network is that we have access to multiple categories of entertainment. We are able to build viewer segment reports that take into account multiple sources of content. Using our services, agencies are able to provide their clients with clear behaviour insights of 13 million people daily.