Industry Reports

Nahuru’s research team provides monthly and quarterly updates from the P2P network. These reports are designed to give you a window into the world of piracy and keep you up to date with the behaviours exhibited on the network.

Nahuru is dedicated to providing you with accurate and reliable information that will add value to your business. Below is a list of areas that we cover:

  • Geolocation studies
  • Viewer segment reports
  • Regional & global rating reports
  • Multi - category consumption reports
  • Marathon viewing report
  • Trend analysis
  • Streaming analysis*
  • Viewing Device analysis
  • *subject to torrent download client

Bespoke Reports

Nahuru’s bespoke reporting services offer tailored research specific to our client’s needs. This research is focused on delivering answers to more complex questions. This can range from regional studies to audience behaviour matrixes. Our team of data scientists are on hand to guide you through the P2P network.


Nahuru’s Dashboard will give you access to live data from the P2P network. Through the dashboard you will be able to see the untapped demand for content across the globe, making it the best tool to develop your distribution, acquisition and marketing strategies.